Merino wool from Ashford Craft Shop in New Zealand.
W 20cm×H 75cm | Made in 2016

Made from 10 different types of sheep wools.
W 90cm×H 130cm | Made in 2017

Sheep wool and raw Romney wool dyed by plants.
W 90cm×H 90cm | Made in 2016


Soft Polwarth wool from Australia decorated
at the place for the wedding.
W 180cm×H 340cm | Made in 2015


フィンランド語で"編む"を意味する neulo 。2014年に設立し、手織り機を使った独自の手法でタペストリーなどを製作している。デザイナーが、ヴィンテージコレクターでもある夫のインテリアコレクションなどから影響を受け独学で勉強、製作されるアイテムは、世界各地から集めた希少な毛糸や羊毛、ヴィンテージの毛糸に加え、リネンやオーガニックコットンなども使用した独自の手法が特徴。

neulo means “knitting” in Finnish. Established in 2014, and all products such as a tapestry are handwoven in their own way. A designer, Misako Kumagai was inspired by interior collections of her husband who is a vintage collector and tought herself design. The products are created by knitting wool, sheep wool, and vintage wool which are rare and collected from all over the world. They also use linen and organic cotton as their point.